3 Reasons K9 Narcotic Detection is Good for Your Business

April 27, 2016


Cost Effective

cost-benefitsCompany’s are always looking for more ways to out do competition, have a clean safety record, and be cost effective.  Look no further than K9 detection services.

K9 Detection is extremely cost effective.  If you look at what a sniffer dog can do in one hour and compare that to a human, the man hours are incomparable.  By reducing man hours during a reasonable suspicion or post incident, companies can continue to work without be bogged down by lost time when investigating.  With labor cost on the rise, this solution is a great way to add safety and enforce zero tolerance for drugs in the workplace at a low cost.

“Outta Sight Isn’t Outta Nose”

As humans, we rely heavily on our sight for reference.  This is not the case with our canine friends.  Dogs can have up to and over 100 times the scent capabilities as humans do.  With longer snouted dogs such as Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Hounds, they have about 250 million scent receptors as to our mere 2.5 million.

k9-drug-detection-02Sniffer dogs are trained to follow their nose, not their eyes.  I often find that with my dog, Commander, he will sometimes bump into corners because he’s focused on his nose! This is a sign of a well trained dog.  People will often hide items, like narcotics, where other people may not think to look.  But detection dogs don’t care, they follow odour.  Once they put their nose on a seem of drawer or into a corner, if there’s odour there, they will follow it to source.

 A Different Kind of Presence

When employees see a K9 Unit pull up, they immediately take notice.  They are probably thinking “man, this company means business”.  Is that a bad thing?

k9-drug-detectionIt is a great thing for a company to be proud of their safety policies and records.  A Detection Team is a great way to shake things up and let employees know that the company they work for hasn’t forgotten the importance of its safety.  Implementing something new and effective will be like a wake up call that if there is any suspicious activity going, it won’t be tolerated.

Having a detection canine team a call away is something that is a great addition to a company’s safety and zero tolerance policy.  It’s cost effective and bumps you up in the competition in your industry.   In today’s day and age, if you’re safer, you’re more hirable.

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