Our promise is that every time you come to our facility or request any of our mobile services, you will only be receiving our best work with each incident. Every single one of our customers, rich or poor, will only be given access to quality services. Our promise is backed by a team of highly skilled individuals, each of whom have undergone training and have subjected themselves to certifications. To ensure that standards are maintained, we promise to partake in continuing studies to increase our knowledge within the scope of practice.

Our vision

Health should be made a number one priority for all people, young or old. Our vision is to provide an environment in which all members of a community can come and receive the highest level of care, treatment, health education, and performance. We believe that given the right facilities and information, people will come to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Our mission

MC Rehabilitation and Wellness offers a wide range of rehabilitation, wellness, and strength coaching/personal training services at an affordable rate. We provide a comfortable, trustworthy, and focused environment in order to maximize your ability to achieve results and become educated through the process of the program provided by highly experienced professionals.

Our features

  • Reliable testing.
    We offer accurate and verifiable testing services (hearing, drug, vision, mask fit, and mobile testing).
  • Fitness consultations.
    MC Rehab lets you choose among various fitness programs suited to your taste – whether or not you are a true-blue athlete.
  • Advanced therapeutic solutions.
    We utilize latest technological advancements in our therapeutic sessions, making use of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to ensure precise results.


Holistic healing

We offer quality health services that boost your total wellness. Our topnotch health professionals will guide you throughout the sessions and will bring out the best in you.

Affordable services

Aside from providing holistic wellness, we promise that our services won’t break the bank. We aim to keep your costs at a minimum while still offering topnotch healing services.

Serving from the heart

Here at MC Rehab, we strive to bring out not only quality health services but also heartfelt rendition of total wellness.