New Canadian Exercise Guidelines

March 28, 2012

So I’m sure you’ve all heard by now the new guidelines set out from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology in regards to physical activity for children 0-4 years old.  It’s interesting that the news mentions that tots should get more ‘tummy’ time and encouraged to walk and crawl more often.  This alarms me in several ways.

First, I thought that children were naturally active.  My daughter, who’s now 15.5 months naturally went on her tummy, learned to crawl, and learned to walk all on her own.  No only that, she won’t stop! Never mind her getting her 3 hours of recommended activity, she’s allowing me to exceed mine on all fronts of the guidelines by chasing her around!

The only way I see ‘tots’ not getting their recommended activity is if the parents actually prohibit it.  Now who would do that? But then I remember the era and up and coming generations our society faces.  Everything is comupters, video games, and ‘chilling’ around.  I enjoy my campfire time too, but come on, we all enjoy a little fresh air, some softball competition on a Sunday afternoon, and a little jog in the park, don’t we?

This brings me to my final point. Don’t let these new ‘tot’ exercise guidelines pertain to just your kids, nephews, or nieces.  Get your 1 hr of physical activity in.  And with the summer right around the corner, don’t just hop on the treadmill in the den or basement in front of the TV.  Take your dog, kids, or significant other, dress for the weather and get outside! Take advantage of these new ‘tot’ guidelines, and apply it to yourself.  Let’s change the direction of our community from obesity and sedentary bound, to a an active and participating community!

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