Easter and Traditions

April 2, 2012

For many of us, this time of year is filled with chocolate, egg hunts, feasting and friends.  But if we look at the true founding of Easter, we may find something different.  Easter was founded inside of the Christian event; the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Now Christian or non-Christian, we follow quite a few norms inside this event.  Some will go to church for a Good Friday service, people will feast, and some will take the opportunity to have a little R and R.  But the fact remains that our happenings, will in some way, revolve around the origin of this holiday.  Some Christians will celebrate Easter as a season by oberving Lent, which is the 40 day period leading up to the death of Jesus. All things aside, I think it is important for us to part take in some of these religious norms, I myself am a Christian and follow them closely.

I think we can also add a few things to our daily routine as well, like physical exercise and watching our nutrition.  Because we all associate Easter with eating, whether it’s ham or chocolate, a lot can be said for how we bring ourselves through; this time of year.

Nutiriton is a part of everyone’s life obviously, but there are times were we go a little crazy and get overwhelmed by the sight and smell of all the food.  But here are a few words of warning.  First, watch the gravy.  Gravy, from a box or the juice of the ham or turkey, has a high amount of saturate fat.  This type of fat contains the LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff), not like eggs which contain the HDL cholesterol (good stuff). Second, carbohydrates in the forms of sugar.  We all get our fair share of sugar in our regular diet of processed, boxed, and package foods, but adding to it by ingesting all of the potatoes, chocolate, and stuffing give the body and insulin overload.  Try switching potatoes to yams, sweet potatoes or rice.  Also you can eat more vegetables and salad to obtain carbohydrates from more healthy sources.  Lastly, protein is one of those things to go nuts on! Turkey would be my first choice, as ham can be quite high in fat.  Turkey is a great source of all the amino acids and it just tastes so darn good!

Okay last thing I wanted to touch on is physical activity.  All of us here in the north have been blessed with abnormally warm temperatures, so really there should be no excuses for us not to enjoy a little bit of sun.  No only is the fresh air good, but the sun’s Vitamin D will boost all of our moods!  With the temperature nearing those double digits, break out the bikes, strap on the roller blades or get those dusty running shoes out of winter storage and put some miles on!  Don’t just lay around and undo that belt another knotch, get outside and tighten it up!  Let’s make this Easter one for the books!

Happy Easter from all the MC Rehabilitation and Wellness!

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