Jibber Jabble about Jogging

June 12, 2012

I feel that this may be more of a touchy subject, but I feel people should know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.  Jogging has been a hot topic for as long as people have been writing about fitness and health.  Before you jump (or jog ha ha) to any conclusions, let me explain why I feel jogging may not be meeting your goals or wanted results.

Jogging is an activity that most people can do, and do it on a regular basis: but why?  I’m not here to make you think that jogging is bad, but I want to make you think about why you jog.  Is it because everyone does it? or are you using it to achieve a specific goal? or is it just for a fun get together with friends?  To answer the first question, if you’re jogging to jump on the wagon, you should re-evaluate why you’re doing it.  Jogging for the sake of jogging can have long term repercussions on hip, knee, and ankle joints.  Not to mention improper running form comes into play causing muscular imbalances etc.  I will say that cross country running on dirt or non concrete/ paved surface will increase the longevity before discomfort or injury.  And also receiving coaching on your running technique will be of some help.  Using jogging to achieve a specific goal would be logical if you were looking at running a marathon or triatholon.  If you’re using jogging to lose ‘weight’ or ‘fat’ then you will be disappointed (I will explain).  Finally, if jogging is used as a social get together, that’s all good, but may I suggest long stride walking.  Long stride walking is a great calorie workout with the reduction of the impact to the joints.

Ok, my last bit is about how jogging a fat loss do not coincide.  But you’re thinking “But Mike when I jog five time a week, the scale goes down!”  To that I have this answer.  The reason the scale is decreasing is not because of fat burn, it has to do with muscle catabolizing.  Which means, muscle breakdown.  Proteins (muscle) is more readily broken down and digested than fat.  Ingesting high quality protein, with regular weight training, and interval training for cardio is the best way to drop the fat.  It truly boils down to nutrition, but we aren’t talking about that right now.  Purely talking about exercise, that’s where you want to be.  Revving the heart rate up and down with interval training creates an effect that will keep you burning calories far past your workout and tap into the fat stores.  Remember, please consult a trained professional before starting a weight training program to ensure your safety and correct exercise selection towards your goals!! And you all know that we can help you!

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