To ‘Lifestyle’ or ‘not to Lifestyle’? That is the Question

January 24, 2013

First I must include a brief background.  Recently, my wife was reading a blurb post on Facebook that spoke about children on the playground and how she didn’t want other people helping her kids out. This may sound harsh off the top, but she had some very good rationale behind her statement.  She wanted her kids to learn how to do things on their own (ie. climb ladders, go down slides, etc).  Also deal with disappointment that if her child couldn’t climb the ladder, instead of an adult lifting them up, they would learn to push through the barrier of disappointment and break the plateau by putting in a better effort or problem solving.  It’s not that she enjoyed seeing her kids disappointed or stuck, but she knew if she didn’t help them, they in fact learn important life skills.  This is a fantastic lead into my next blog post!


So many people today want to be spoon fed and do no work themselves.  I myself is guilty from this time to time as well.  Diets and get slim quick gimmicks work off of this concept!  They provide you your meal plan, grocery list, cooking instructions, supplement plan etc.  Why not learn to do it yourself?!  So many times, these concepts are a quick sell and afterwards, the participants relapse into the same or a worse state than they were in before.  I feel that this idea of doing things ourselves is slowly dwindling away in our society and culture.  We are so busy that we’d rather look for a more convenient way of doing things, instead of doing them right!


I look at exercise in a very similar light.  So many times I feel frustrated with being in commercial gyms or talking to individuals that just ‘want to get their sweat on’.  What does that even mean? Do they know what that means? How does this relate to their goals? Do they even have goals?  Results can only be attained with a direction and measurable program. Period.  Unfortunately just ‘sweating’ isn’t going to get you there. I have been training for almost a decade regularly and I rarely sweat! I cannot gauge my workout on that ever!


Ok so where am I going with all of this?  What I want to get across is that it’s going to take some learning and life skills to create a lifestyle of health and fitness.  No diets, no get slim quick schemes, just plain ol’ hard work, dedication, and the right program.  That’s why there are professionals out there like us at MC Rehab that can get you on your way to the right path to a healthy lifestyle.  We WANT you to succeed because as health care professionals, this is why we chose this profession, to help people.  Do be afraid of help, embrace it, learn from it, and implement it in your life starting today!

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