The MC Rehabilitization Expansion

April 24, 2012

Most of you are unaware that just 14 months ago, MC Rehab was birthed into existence and has been growing rapidly! And we are expanding our personnel again! We have only you, the patients and clients, to thank for MC’s success in Fort St. John! We take pride in making sure you are our number one priority.  Too long have I waited in other waiting rooms, past my appointment time, and then felt like a number or a paycheque for someone else.  We are glad to also see everyone referring their friends and family to us, and for that we say Thank You.

Enough jibber jabber, let me introduce you to our new up and coming staff (website will be updated shortly regards the professional and services pages).

First, we have our new Registered Massage Therapist, Chelsey Billings, who will be starting with us on the first week of May.  So book now while availability lasts! She has a great positive attitude and is passionate about others’ wellbeing and health.

Second, we have TWO new strength coaches starting with us in May.  John Wesley Cummings is a Human Kinetics student at Trinity Western University with a specialization in strength and conditioning. He has worked with some of the top athletes in the CIS at TWU as a strength coach intern under Andrew Heming. His training focus has been with the Men’s Hockey team. Originally from Waterloo, Ontario, John Wesley developed a passion for strength training while being a part of his high school’s weight lifting club and while training with his high school and club volleyball teams. He is now a competitive powerlifter in the IPF and currently trains with the Port Kells Barbell Club in Langley, BC. He has a passion for helping people achieve their goals, and developing strong bodies and minds. Brittany McLennan is our second strength coach, but also will be a registered Kinesiologist with the BCAK.  She will be participating in her required practicuum hours for graduation and then be a full time Kinesiologist/ Strength Coach!

All of us here at MC are excited about this new, young, and fully qualified staff to be joining our amazing team of professionals.  So if you’ve got injuries, aches, and pains, or are just looking to get fit, we are the place to be!

Until next time, stay healthy Fort St. John

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