Promoting a proactive mindset in the workforce that saves companies thousands in lost time due to injuries and injury disability claims.

Our Occupational Consultants aim to do just one thing, create sustainable results.

We help companies mitigate injury risk through investing in practical prevention solutions. The money and time saved by reducing injuries in the workplace will pay dividends in efficiency of operations, a more positive working environment, and reducing insurance premiums costs that stem from disability and health claims.



    Industrial Ergonomic Consultant will discuss the needs of your company’s departments in their physical tasks. It is important to note that a company is not analysed as a whole, but broken down into department to allow for more accuracy within each task to have the best opportunity to identify and mitigate injury risk. A review of the job position’s Physical Demands/Task Analysis will allow for a deeper and more objective understanding of the job’s operational tasks. From there, phase two begins.



    Observation is the best way to collect objective data that can then be used for review and for building the injury prevention solution programs. The ability for the injury prevention specialist to view/observe the inner workings within a department allows for the breakdown of each task, how frequent each task is, the physical demands of the task, body position of the task etc and then apply injury risk identification using the breakdown of human movement and the torque and stress on the body in particular positions.



    Once the observation is completed, a report is then created breaking down the highest to lowest injury risk areas within that department. A discussion can then take place with the safety/health manager within the company on what steps can be taken forward to assist in mitigating the identified injury risks. We can provide solutions like before shift warm ups, stretching breaks, at home participation options, and employee education on proper body mechanics. All which can contribute to reducing injury in the workplace.



    This is the most critical phase. Implementing any type of injury prevention solution will take education and repetition. This will be outlined in the solution roll out as to how this will take place. Initial education will create the department buy in for participation, and regular follow ups within the first 6 months will be critical to maintaining that participation to achieve the desired results. But implementing solutions that the department employees can do together will can team commodore and increase percentage of participation.