Annual testing should be conducted when exposed to elements like Silica.

Periodic pulmonary testing is typically required for those whose occupations expose them to substances and processes known to cause such conditions. Common lung tested jobs include, painters, welders, lab technicians, confined space workers, mechanics, and other jobs exposed to aerosols and air particles that can be hazardous to an employee’s health.

MC Rehabilitation & Wellness uses only the highest quality equipment to produce the most accurate results, like the GT 105 model with printable results which is capable of doing all protocols. The actual testing of the lung capacity is done in phases: The first test is to calculate the ability to deeply breath in and out, next is a maximal forced breath out or exhalation, thirdly there is a rapid breathing exam for 20seconds, and finally normal breathing for 60 seconds. The data collected during the test phases is used to determine a wide variety of factors, one of which includes lung age. All of the data is collected and can be re-tested every year. By re-testing annually, a trend begins to form and the company can then see the health of their employees from a more objective stand point. The number one benefit in getting employees tested is to ensure a healthy lung age as they work in hazardous environments.

At MC Rehabilitation & Wellness, lung function testing is conducted by our licensed and specially trained technicians. It is important to follow all of the technician’s instructions in order to get accurate results. For most of the tests, you will be asked to wear a nose clip to make sure that no air passes through your nose during the test. You will be asked to breathe into a mouthpiece that is connected to a machine called a spirometer. The technician may tell you to breathe deeply during parts of the test to get the best results. You will also be advised to refrain from smoking, eating a heavy meal and drinking caffeinated beverages before the test.

The lung test results along with our interpretation are sent to the company or health care provider who ordered the test for the employee or patient. With our new mobile unit, we can conduct on site testing also.