Our Mobile Services

MC Rehabilitation and Wellness understands that you have a lot of tasks to do in your business. Hence, for your convenience, we are now offering some of our services via mobile unit. Onsite we can offer hearing testing, mask fit testing, drug and alcohol testing, post incident testing and pulmonary testing through our mobile services. While other providers require you to visit their facility. MC Rehabilitation and Wellness has the facilities to go to your desired location and conducts necessary tests.

Why Choose Mobile Services?

Time spent away from the site means lost time for the company. When you choose to acquire mobile services, you only take employees from work for a few minutes to take the test and more time is spent on work in return. Instruments used in mobile testing have printable results. You no longer have to wait for days before these are released. With the results in your hands in as little as a few minutes, you can come up with corresponding solutions or preventive measures if needed.

Mobile Services Include: