Why the need for medical tests?

Pre-employment medical examinations may be required for jobs that require extra endurance. A pre-hire medical test will also let an employer know if you are fit to do the job. This too in a way protects employees because it may set the limit on what they can or cannot do. Accidents on the job site are preventable by not letting individuals with disabilities perform sensitive tasks.


Before coming to our facility, make sure that you will be bringing proper clothing. Bring some running shoes, shorts, track pants, cotton shirts or clothing that you would normally use when you go to a gym. Make sure that you are well-rested because the medical examiner may require you to participate in several physical activities. These tests will be conducted under strict safety.


Pre-hire medicals will include several tests depending on the requirements of the employer. This may include drug and/or alcohol testing where applicable. The physical examiner will also be conducting physical assessment by getting your heart rate and blood pressure, taking a record of your health and occupational history and conducting a musculoskeletal assessment. Musculoskeletal assessments will consist of motion tests for major joints, lifting skills, tests for strength and flexibility to rule out conditions affecting the joints, muscles and nerves.