Pre-Summer Training? The Cultural Norm

March 19, 2012

For many of us, it’s that time of year when we find ourselves wishing for our beach bodies to return before the summer clothes come out and tanning begins.  As a trainer, I’ve been noticing a huge trend of this ‘pre-summer’ training.  Now more than ever people are flocking into gyms in preparation of the summer months and their skimpier clothing in lieu of the warmer weather coming.  I say “Why?!” Why can’t people hold on to their “beach bodies” year round.  The cultural norm is suggesting that we store up for winter and be more “outdoorsy” in the summer and shed the unnecessary weight.  I’m not sure where this cultural norm came from be here is some of the facts.

1. Fat loss cannot be reduced from just “cardio”.

Running on the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike will not be enough to shed the pounds.  Building lean muscle mass with resistance is training a crucial part of fat % loss.  Remember losing body ‘weight’ is not as important and reducing fat % in relation to your body weight.  Increased lean muscle will help you burn more calories during the day and also increase daily function capacity during regular work or playing activities, plust reduce risk of injury.

2. Choosing to lose fat on one section of the body “Spot Reduction” is not possible.

Fat loss works from the outside in.  You will first notice loss in the face, fingers, arms and legs before noticing it in your shoulders, chest, and abdomen area.  The stomach is the last to lose and the first to gain. Which brings me to my last point

3. Nutrition is the key to sustaining that ‘beach body’ year round.

I tell my clients that there are three key points to increasing lean muscle and losing body fat.  And they are nutrition, nutrition, and nutrition.  No matter how hard you push yourself, if you don’t fuel your body with the right stuff, you won’t reach your goals.  Reading food nutiriton labels, consulting a nutritionist, and watching your processed food intake are a few things to get you started.

So if you’re looking for that great ‘beach body’, don’t delay.  Get yourself to a trainer (me ;)), have your goals ready, and be on guard for a serious lifestyle change! Health and fitness isn’t a fad, it’s a way of life.

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