Staying Natural and Healthy:

August 16, 2013

Staying Natural and Healthy:

In today’s culture, convenience is at everyone’s disposal; convenience stores and grocery stores enable the consumer to easily purchase and ingest food items that aren’t even really food!  I too have found myself guilty of this many times.  Lately, I have been watching more closely, to what I am putting in my body.

One important event that has saved my wife and me a great deal of money on our grocery bill is hunting.  Now if you’re not a hunter that’s okay, there are other ways of obtaining wild game meat.  First, it is much leaner than feed lot fed beef.  The fat on an animal is saturated fat, which contains the bad type of cholesterol.  This can lead to other health complications and risks.  Secondly, game meat is processed as little as possible if you do it yourself.  I always say that “the less that touches the meat the better it is for you”.  When I hunt elk or moose and even deer, I know that from the moment that animal is down; I follow that meat all the way from the field into my freezer.  No preservatives, no injections, and no other unnecessary processing.

Now if you don’t hunt yourself, I am sure in this neck of the woods, you know someone who does.  All hunters usually have extra meat left over from the previous year.  So, ask if you can take some off of their hands!  My moose meat is usually so lean that I have to add extra virgin olive oil to it so it cooks better!

Another great way to reduce the amount of genetically modified food it to grow a garden or have a green house.  Fresh, off the plant vegetables are so rich in minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates that are found in a less percentage of food bought in a store.  As soon as something is processed, it loses percentages of its biological value.  The higher the value equals higher the quality.  If you simply do not have this option, go to the farmers market! I understand you may pay a little extra, but you will get a lot more bang for your buck!

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