Trade Show Success

April 16, 2012

First of all I wanted to thank everyone who came out, checked out our booth, and/ or booked in with one of our professionals! We had a blast talking to everyone who came by and asked us questions. MC is all about educating you (the public) about what we can do to help you!


During the course of the trade show, there were a few things that jumped out at me. First, how many people didn’t know that we were actually stationed here in town! WE ARE! If you are reading this blog, please click the ‘location’ tab along the top list for our location. If you already know we are here in FSJ, please tell people! We love it when our patients refer their friends and family to our clinic. We are all about creating a sense of community! Second, many of you were interested in a lot of our services. Many people were hesistant to book in at the trade show, but what better time than now. Take care of those injuries or aliments that are hindering you from doing those things you’d rather be doing instead of staying at home in pain or discomfort! We can help! Well I just thought I’d leave this one short and sweet. Stay tuned for the next educational blog next week!

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