New Year, Continued Sickness, Getting Back to the Gym

January 3, 2013

Over that last couple of weeks, it seems that sickness is more rampant than ever.  Holidays were made to be a time of recovery and quarantine, rather than a full filled time with family and friends.  I know for me, that tail end of my holidays was spent sleeping on the couch so I didn’t hack a lung due the phlem build up inside my lungs.  Needless to say, I still have aspirations of getting out of this sickness slump and onto my important goals I have for 2013.  As I hope all of you are doing as well!

Bringing in a New Year can be a challenging a stressful time for some, but it doesn’t have to be! First, create some short terms goals that you can achieve in a week or two.  This will get your motivation up and give you drive to keep going on to bigger goals! No, I am not only referring to fitness here, it can be whatever, as long as it’s change for good.  Second, make this a year of weekends and more time with family and friends.  Our world is getting busier and our careers are becoming more focused on making more money rather than what to do with it.  Family and friend time will help destress and give you more focus during the work week.  (side note: more stress equals a weak immune system).  Lastly, exercise! This will help balance those raging stressful hormones and help you stay positive, focused, and moving forwards despite minor set backs.

Finally, getting back to the gym.  Hopefully you all read my blog about starting New Years resolutions early! First, don’t just buy a gym membership because that’s the thing to do.  Buy one if that’s what suit you best.  Just because you have a gym membership, doesn’t mean you’ll actually use it.  Have some intent behind your decision! Second, there are other options besides buying a gym membership.  You can set up a sweet home gym or hire a trainer to get you on the right track! Yes, there is a MC plug because we have trainers, and we can help you set up a home gym, but those are all great options that may help you get to those goals and results! Even if you decide to go the home gym route, a trainer can help you buy the right equipment and set up a home program for you.  Goals don’t reach results without proper guidance and direction!  I hope this was all helpful! Please contact us if we can help you, today! We have new strength coaches starting with available training spots! Have a blessed and heathly New Year!

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